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If you're ever visited Miami, you already know it's an epicurean's delight. The restaurants in this glittering beach-laden metropolis feature just about every cuisine found in the world, as well as some eclectic inventions and hybrids that can only be called the best of the in-between.

Miami is considered to be the home of the Neuvo Latino cuisine that has recently become fashionable all over the world. Two popular venues to try are The Bolero, an upscale supper club that features Cuban dishes and seafood and The Salsa Grill that is known for its rum cocktails and South American dishes.

The city is also famous for its Pan Asian Cuisine that blends foods from all eastern cultures.

The daring might want to sample the contemporary international cuisine that is part of the new wave of South Beach cuisine and combines elements from many cultures; mostly Latin American, Pan Asian and French. Balans on Lincoln Raod is another popular spot where the locals go to enjoy lobster club sandwiches. . SushiSamba, the ultimate cross between a Sushi bar and a fine Brazilian restaurant, specializes in of a kind sushi rolls and dishes created from a mix of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese influences. Other interesting Pan Asian restaurants to try are Pacific Time in South and Japengo at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami.

Miami also boasts many eclectic ethnic restaurants. Red Square is a Russian restaurant in South Beach that boasts a bar with over 100 different kinds of vodka and fusion dishes such as Siberian nachos and turkey-shitake meatloaf. For a taste of Peru, try the inexpensive Farolita in the Little Havana area of Miami that serves up seafood ceviches and a creamy cilantro laced beef stew. Turkish fare can be found at Cafe Efusus in South Beach The Empeke Cheek is a Native American Restaurant on nearby Miccosuki Indian reservation that serves up such unusual meals as pan-fried frog legs and alligator tail.

"New world" is the name for the cuisine Miami made famous in the '90s. Incorporating flavors and spices from all cultural backgrounds, Miami's unforgettable restaurants pull out all the stops and aim to please the patron who is yearning for something different.

Following the New York transplant tradition of restaurants like Nobu and Cafeteria, the Prime Grill has found a home away from home in South Florida. With a successful following at its Midtown Manhattan location, this unique Kosher establishment is a sure bet for the Aventura area. Located in the Waterways Shopping Center, the Prime Grill is a stylish and sophisticated waterfront restaurant, not your typical kosher dive. With executive chef David Kolotkin, formerly of Windows of the World, at the helm, it is being called South Florida's ''first upscale Kosher dining destination.'' Although kosher, the Prime Grille offers a surprising menu of varied tastes to suit even the pickiest diner.

If you are in the mood for more of a Latin rhythm, Poracao, an authentic Brazilian steakhouse prepares some of the finest meat dishes Miami has to offer. Be sure to stop by on a Saturday night for the Feijoada dish or sample the Rodizio buffet of appetizers, salads, seafood, sushi and meat!

Canton, another popular eatery, offers favorites that include golden mountains of honey garlic chicken and huge steaks. In addition to Cantonese, there's Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine. Enjoy the delectable specialties at Canton, or, if you are in search of a Greek experience, head over to the oasis.

Farah's Oasis creates salads, such as Tabuleh and, appetizers like Falafel and Hummus that are sure to transport you to another time and place. Healthy pita sandwiches and gourmet platters are also served at Farah's Oasis. Enjoy the ambiance of the Greek oasis, or head for something a tad more Floridian.

Chef Allen's Restaurant brings in the Coconut Grove and Coral Gables crowd by offering delicious dishes such as the renowned pistachio-crusted black grouper with Florida rock shrimp fricassee, mango, from local backyards, peppers, and creamy coconut rum sauce. Chef Allen adjusts the menu fairly often to reflect different flavors and techniques from all over the world making this the perfect spot to sample the newest trends in Floridian cuisine.

Whatever your appetite, Miami is poised, ready to excite, tantalize, and satisfy your every craving. Come to the area and allow our talented chefs to broaden your taste horizons today.

Miami's great chefs have to live up to the area's reputation as an international playground for the rich and famous. They are always coming up with creative and inventive dishes that are unlike anything else found on the planet.

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